Dec. 1998

Geochung Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. established
by C.R. Kim, president

Jan. 1999

Business transactions with Han Jin Heavy
Industries & Construction Co., Ltd. and
Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co., Ltd.

Jun. 2000

Received Germanischer Lioyds approval

Nov. 2001

Business transactions with DSME

Dec. 2001

Construction of 6,000-ton Block & Deck-house

May. 2002

Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification

Sep. 2002

Business transactions with Nagasaki Marine
Service Co., Ltd. In Japan

Mar. 2003

Selection as promising enterprise
by Industrial Bank of Korea

Acquisition of KSA 9001:2001 / ISO 9001:2000

Dec. 2003

Ceremony for selection of quality control manager

Apr. 2004

Completion of new construction

Sep. 2004

Construction of second factory

Oct. 2004

Completely set up company website           (

Dec. 2004

Delivery of BLOCK for Dae Sun Shipbuilding & Engineering Co.,Ltd

May. 2005

Cooperation with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd for manufacture of E/R BLOCK

Dec. 2005

Launching of selection the 2nd qulity control Specialist(Jin Chun Ha, additional 13 people)

Dec. 2005

Establishment of Innovation education.

Apr. 2006

Establishment of Guardhouse

Dec. 2007

Awarding a Best Cooperation(ACC. Part) as DSME

Dec. 2007

Construction of Third Factory

Dec. 2007

Cooperation with STX Heavy Industries
Co.,Ltd for manufacture of D/House

Dec. 2008

Construction of E.R.P System

Feb. 2009

Gupyong 2 Construction of first factory


Business transactions with DSME and
          STX Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.